Hayley Route Release+Download

april1 Wow, okay, so we’re officially a YEAR overdue on our release date. That’s sort of embarrassing. The good news is we’re not dead yet!

While we aren’t ready to release the full VN yet, we’ve made a significant amount of progress. Mehkanik has been juggling the Mekki/Caprice paths and All-Maker, our CG artist, has been working tirelessly alongside him on the Hayley route. As Caprice and Mekki share a writer (whom is also writing the first act) they aren’t really ready to show off. All-Maker, being able to focus solely on his CG art and writing, however, was able to finish the Hayley path in a good amount of time. It’s been sitting in our pre-release build on it’s own (that is to say, without the previous act 1/ the Mekki and Caprice paths finalized) so after some discussion we’ve decided that we’ll be releasing the Hayley route as a standalone demo.

You can download the Hayley path here:




Keep in mind that Act 1 is missing from this build so you might miss out on some context, but as-is you shouldn’t be missing out on anything vital to the path.

Apart from that, we’ve added some more music to our soundcloud; taken from the Hayley route obviously.

We hope you enjoy it!


SinoUnfoveZen April 13, 2015

SinoUnfoveZen April 14, 2015

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XRumerTest December 23, 2015

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XRumerTest December 24, 2015

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Kai April 01, 2013

I just played the route and I quite enjoyed it. However, I would like to point out an error I found during the scene in Oliver's room, immediately after his conversation with Caprice and Mekki, in which he uses the word 'laying' to describe what he was doing on his bed. I believe the word you meant to use was 'lying.'

Anon April 01, 2013

The demo was very fun and the quality of the production is rather nice compared to other OELVNs. I just honestly hope that Caprice has a route of her own on the complete game.

vaer April 01, 2013

The quality is what I've come to expect of SS Studios. I enjoyed in particular the way his thoughts literally 'faded' off. I won't spoil anything in the comments, but I never thought I'd see headphones used quite like that.

Hywel April 02, 2013

The H-scenes felt a bit awkward, but I liked it other wise. Can't wait for more!

CF April 02, 2013

Looks pretty as sin but the writing was very, very dull. If it wasn't for the hentai scene I might've fell asleep.

BlackWaltz April 02, 2013

Well. I was expecting something hilariously fake. You sure proved me wrong. Time for some feedback (please, if there's a more convenient way of doing this, let me know).
In "Get A Feeling So Complicated", the line "She finally...with a huff" is accompanied by two sprite switches. I noticed they transitioned very, very fast. With a bit of investigation, I noticed it was related to the text speed, as the transitions occurred as certain words were drawn. As such, on low speeds, they were very far apart, and on high speeds, they were almost imperceptible. Perhaps this is something worth looking at.
The introspective pointers on the text box (oval...?) that indicate Oliver is speaking were kind of hard to see for me, except when dark-coloured things were behind it. I love the idea, but making a bit more visible might be advisable. Maybe cut out the second layer as well? Make it wider? I dunno.
Caprice becoming angry at Mekki was rather sudden to me. Of course, context may help here, but maybe it might be worth Oliver noting that Caprice's face reflects a sudden realisation of Mekki presence, or something? I'll leave it to you guys to decide script matters.
When Oliver beings to walk out the room, and Caprice and Mekki's sprites exit to the left then return, the text box describing Caprice's speech ends up pointing to Mekki by the time they stop moving. Maybe have the pointer flip midway or just start it on the right?
I believe Kai is correct with his note about the use of laying as opposed to lying. As far as I've been aware, lying is for things that do the action by themselves (e.g. people or animals lying down) while laying is for things that have that action done to them by something else (e.g. a person laying down an object).
The appearance of the choice window was quite sudden. A slight fade would be nice. Though, the choices thereing were good. It provided choices that are obviously different but don't have obvious outcomes, as well as not stooping to "make insanely idiotic choice" and "don't make insanely idiotic choice". Nice work by the writers there.
Also, after Caprice's pep talk, the text box reading "I'm going straight to Hayley's", which fades out with the transition, is still present when it fades back in after the transition, before changing to "Here I am". I'm pretty sure the former message isn't supposed to still be there. Well, it isn't after Mekki's pep talk anyway.
Other things worth noting; in the scene outside Mekki's classroom, the text on that sign on the right wall looks rather sharp. Some antialiasing would help it blend into the rest of the background elements there. Other than that the backgrounds look absolutely fantastic. If I didn't know better I'd say they were old photographs. I would love to shout Curchack a beer right about now for doing such great work.
I listened to the tracks on Soundcloud too, as well as those used in this demo. I like the sound you guys have. It gives presence, and has catchy melodies, but without overpowering the scene. It can both be in the background and in the forground at once.
Oh, and the title screen picture; it seems out of place given the look of the rest of the game. It should be something drawn rather than photographic, like the backgrounds and sprites and such.
Okay, I think that's it. Man, I wrote a lot. Again, if there's a better way to give this much feedback, let me know. Great work, everyone!

A2 April 02, 2013

Hayley's route has motivated me to take up music, law, and washing myself.

Anonymous April 24, 2013

Rumor is, it was written by one of the artists. So, don't expect that to be exactly how the final version is written.

Jacob April 29, 2013

Whenever you hit the space-bar to move, there isn't any delay, so it'll skip 6-7 at once when I tap it. Otherwise, I loved it

Jacob April 29, 2013

Also, for whatever reason, I get the same ending with both options, her opening the door, saying "no", and the game ending. But the other comments seem to suggest more than that. What is up with that?

Anonymous May 10, 2013

I think it's funny that after a year and a half, two April Fools gags is all you have to show us.
Come on you guys, get your asses in gear and finish this thing.

Anonymous May 10, 2013

Have you not seen the rest of the blog?