Announcing First Snow

Dec 5th

Every year for Christmas we try to do a blog post with a fairly large amount of content to celebrate the season, and this year isn’t any different in that regard. We’re a bit early this time around (for once!) but today I’m super excited to announce First Snow.

First Snow

First Snow is a new, full-length visual novel we’ve been quietly working on for quite a while now, and its focus is on Eileen and Allison’s relationship and takes place roughly a year before Twofold begins. We wanted to create something without detracting from Twofold’s own development too much, so a side story where we could re-use a lot of the created assets seemed like a perfect fit. To minimize the impact on Twofold, Mehkanik is still working on that script while First Snow was worked on by a second writer, Suriko.

It’s really great to be able to talk about this openly now! We’ve opened a mini site for First Snow, so please check that out here! It includes a better summary of the VN, a small handful of screenshots and a music preview from our new composer, GIJames. Happy early holidays, everyone, and thanks for being so patient with us this past year!


anon December 05, 2016

but girls can't love girls

Mountaineer December 05, 2016

Damn! That's ambitious :) Good luck everyone, I'm super excited for the final products!!

December 05, 2016


anon-kun December 06, 2016


anon-kun December 06, 2016


thomby December 07, 2016

did somebody say forbidden love?

Uncle Jellyfish December 07, 2016

Yuri is the purist form of love!