In the Cold

Jan 31

Hi everyone! We hope the First Snow reveal has gotten people interested and/or excited after our long absence. We want to keep the momentum going this time: while we absolutely can’t make promises, our new goal is to have some sort of status update on either a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Conveniently, it’s been just over a month since the FS reveal, so now seems like an appropriate time to talk about stuff!

The largest thing that needs some discussion is the state of First Snow. When we announced it, FS was given a fairly typical reveal. Mini-site, some basic info and so on. What wasn’t made clear was how much work had actually gone into FS prior to the reveal and how far along it currently is in production, so we wanted to go through that now.

As of a couple of days ago, the script for First Snow has been largely finalized, barring the usual fine tuning. The final draft was well underway by the time of the actual reveal, so it didn’t take too long to tie everything together. As a result of this, the required asset list for the visual novel as a whole is complete.

Base sprites for the entire cast are also entirely done. The bulk of the sprites will also be usable in Twofold, so this is a big deal on that front as well. Some alternative poses are still required, which are currently being worked on. For example, Eileen still only has her default two from Twofold’s demo, so she in particular needs some fleshing out given you’ll be seeing a lot more of her. Past that, good progress all around on the sprite front.

Roughly half of the planned CGs have finished their first lining and waiting on redlines, and a small handful are complete (ie fully colored, ready to ship). Twr and Skrats have been helping with CG composition recently, which should help speed things along. All-Maker will still be doing the final lining on all of them for the sake of consistency.

Backgrounds are a bit tricky - We have a decent number of them done, but we have a lot of them to cover yet. On top of this, we also need to take some pre-existing locations and set them in winter. While not as time consuming, they still require a bit of effort. On top of this, Curchack is still in charge of coloring every asset in the VN so he has lots to do concurrently. It’s difficult to pin down exact numbers to give an overall completion percentage, given the amount of planned variances and so on, but it’s going relatively smoothly. This is one aspect that would be nice to go into more detail about in another post.

Unlike Twofold, we wanted to get a good amount of work done before making our new VN known to the world, and hopefully this post clarifies just how much was done prior to said reveal. We still have a ways to go yet, but hopefully we’ll be getting there sooner rather than later.


anon February 01, 2017

Ganbatte sss-chan!

thomby February 01, 2017

Can't wait!

yourself February 03, 2017

Just curious, since you didn't touch on it with this post, but is FS going to be getting it's own soundtrack, and if so, how's progress coming on that front?

TopHat February 03, 2017

@yourself fs will take music from tf, but will be getting its own unique tracks as well, we're mostly in the middle of discussing what we want to keep and what things we want to make from scratch atm.

yourself February 03, 2017

@tophat Cool, sounds good. Another question, and sorry if I'm pestering, but who all is working on the soundtracks for FS and/or TF nowadays? I know Sebastien and Pradius are listed under your Staff page, and you mentioned GIJames is working on the FS soundtrack specifically in the last post. I haven't seen anything on Pradius' PaperTrail for a while, and Skaf tends to stay pretty quiet from what I can tell, so I'm just curious who all is helping compose.

By the way, I love what you guys have so far for the music. It has a really nice ambient feel to it, reminds me a lot of how relaxing the KS soundtrack was, but with a bit more of a contemporary feeling to it. Amazing work all around.

TopHat February 04, 2017

our staff page is pretty out of date, wups

both nicol and pradius have had to step out of the dev group for one reason or another, but we've been given permission to use existing tracks so they'll have a presence in the vn(s). as of right now, james is the only "on hand" musician we have atm, but he's picked up on the style quick and churns out tracks even quicker.