Twice the Surprise

Oct 31

Hello again!

In our last post, we went over wanting to revisit some “staples” of Twofold, and this post is largely going to be focused on those changes. Not all of these changes are earth shattering or anything, largely a lot of last names, but we wanted to throw it all out in the open regardless. To accompany this, we’ve managed to scrounge up some brand new sprite roughs (emphasis on this word, of course~) for every single club member from Acotan. (note: sprites are not necessarily to scale at this point in time)


Art club

  • Caprice’s top hat has been removed. We’re still playing with alternatives: one, two, three, four
  • Allison → Allison Merlo; Allison’s sunglasses have been removed.
  • Eileen Towers → Eileen Turner
  • Wallace → Wallace Bernard

Writing club

  • Mekki Clarke → Millie Clarke
  • Heather → Heather Cunningham
  • Darren → Darren Baker; Darren’s been given glasses.
  • Tanya → Tanya Rivera; Tanya has been redesigned.
  • Characters that felt redundant or had extremely limited use (the only ones you’re aware of at this point are Izaac and Lawe) have been cut.


One last big change: After having to part ways with Mehkanik, All-Maker initially agreed to write the entirety of Twofold. While we were totally okay with this initially, it became obvious super quick that writing an entire VN and drawing all the CGs for it would be an absolutely inhuman workload, we’ve done some re-organizing on that front. While All-Maker will still be writing the Caprice path, Suriko has agreed to pick up the Millie path with his work on First Snow done. The bulk of First Snow development has been slowly winding down as our to-do continues to shrink, and re-examining Twofold has ended up going fantastically, so the transition period between both VNs should be relatively smooth.

That’s pretty much it for now. Thanks for continuing to follow our development, and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Salty Salty Studios!


November 01, 2017


Also RIP Mekki

Looking forward to the >games! As always thanks for the transparency and I hope you all continue have good fortune with developing :)

November 01, 2017

Man, Aco-tan's sprites look very different than the old ones stylistically, but very good as well. Mekki's new name is interesting, will need time to get used to it I think. Thanks for the update!

Spiritual Citrus November 01, 2017

'We're six years into dev, burn the sprites and make better ones.'

And people call my standards ridiculous. Godspeed, you magnificent bastards.

thomby November 02, 2017

The transparency is appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Anon November 02, 2017

Thanks for the transparency, and good luck with further development. Godspeed, you nerds.
Looking forward to the >game.

Uncle Jellyfish November 03, 2017

Caprice's bucket hat (picture 4) is my favorite by far.

anon November 03, 2017

i like hat 2

mute November 04, 2017

Fourth hat is great

Ripperoni Mekki

- November 04, 2017


honestly though it's the only one that isn't extremely hipster looking, but if you're going for that look i'd choose 2.

Anon November 09, 2017

Hat 2 looks cool

November 11, 2017

2. hipster hat best hat

anon November 15, 2017

2 fits i think, 4 makes her look like grandmother.

kev November 20, 2017

really really like 2/3 but 4 is also cool

no hat would be terrible though definitely don't do that

hat pro November 20, 2017

@the anon above me saying grandmother esque, #4 the bucket hat is more of a shy person hat you don't as much these days but is still around, it can still look cute as well

personally i'd prefer 2/3 though, with 2 looking slightly smart and cute, but 3 also having connotations of being a irish country/farming gal hat or something

depends how the character is written which would be best they are all drawn pretty nice looking in the options

Yo-yo November 21, 2017

The bucket hat is cute and feels the most casual, which fits her personality.

bucketlord November 22, 2017

i demand the bucket hat for my bucketlady