Unexpected Difficulties

Mar 30

Hello again!

While we’ve been pretty good about our new commitment to monthly updates, this month has been a bit… tricky. Very recently, the server hosting pretty much everything related to development completely died: the site and blog, our internal wiki which hosted all of our asset lists and to-dos, and all of our central storage got wiped. This put us in turmoil for a couple days; it wasn’t anything fatal as everyone had the assets and code locally as well, but the wiki in particular was a huge loss in terms of our productivity. Thankfully, a miracle occurred and after a few days of panic, the server rebooted just long enough to create the necessary backups before dying once again.

While we’re thankfully returning to a normalized state, we’re still experiencing some hiccups getting absolutely everything set up again and amidst the scramble we’ve honestly slightly lost track of what we actually accomplished this month, so there’s no real in-depth progress report this time.

What we can provide are some relatively broad strokes: progress on all fronts! The remaining CG list for First Snow is growing pretty short and as a result All-Maker should be able to focus on Twofold writing soon, some music has been produced, we’ve been averaging a new background every week and a half or so, amid additional assets.


For the sprites, we’re going to be doing some minor redraws to a couple of characters to improve their anatomy. We typically wouldn’t do this, but since this is an important issue in consistency for these specific characters, we figured it was necessary. These character sprites are the only ones we plan to change, as we want to keep dev moving forward as opposed to sideways.

To prevent something like this from throwing us into turmoil again, the new server has an actual backup policy now.

Sorry about the relatively underwhelming post. We should be 100% back to normal soon so ideally our next update should be a bit more substantial. Thanks for sticking with us!


thomby April 01, 2017

Good to hear everything worked out in the end.

Uncle Jellyfish April 02, 2017

Glad to hear that everything turned out alright, and that this post is dated 3/30 instead of 4/1, or I wouldn't have taken it seriously.

In other news, was hoping for another Yuri Twofold for April Fools. Oh well. A man can dream.

step 1: don't panic April 22, 2017

step 2: PANIC A LOT

died a little inside when I thought the project was dead, good to hear that everything was saved the whole time though

/waits patiently