Clearing Snow

Jul 29

Well, so much for that “update every month or two” thing, huh? Sorry for the quiet, but the truth of the matter is the stuff we’ve been working on just hasn’t been exceptionally interesting to talk about and there’s not much to show visually. While we’re still in that “quietly crunching away at things” phase working up to FS’ release, it seemed necessary to break radio silence for a bit and just explain where we are in terms of progress:

  • Writing: As mentioned last time, this has been done for quite a while and Suriko is plugging away at Twofold right now.
  • Sprites: Aco’s been stuck in a hectic irl schedule for a bit, so things have been slow on this front. Despite that, progress has been made. Previously mentioned on our to-do, character heights have been sorted, so all that’s left to do at this point is to finalize the lines. Hoping that in our next update we can have a finalized, colored up sprite or two to show.
  • CGs: Have been done for a while, A-M has moved to Twofold stuff.
  • BGs: Pretty much done, Curchack has temporarily moved to smaller assets for FS before wrapping these up.
  • Music: Our big ol’ track list is looking pretty complete. We’re still missing a couple songs (a few rely on art assets that haven’t been created yet) but past that we’re just polishing stuff up.
  • Directing: Like Aco, Shiz has been busy with stuff. We have some visual fx to brute force into ren’py somehow, but past that it’s largely just a matter of putting our mountain of assets together in a way that looks nice in a hopefully nonbroken state.

So basically as-is, with a few exceptions aside, FS is shaping up and the bulk of the work is done or close enough to being done. We don’t want to commit to a release date til we’re 110% confident that we’ll hit it but we do have a window that we’re shooting for currently.

That’s just for First Snow, though. How is Twofold looking?
As explained before, while a good majority of FS assets can/will be re-used in TF, we aren’t creating any unique TF assets til FS is out the door, so we’re entirely focused on the writing right now, and progress on that has been great! The entirely of the old “demo scenario” (everything up to and including the club fair) has been completely rewritten. The Millie path is complete sans a couple of scenes, and the Caprice route has been fully outlined.

We can finally, definitively, say that we know exactly what TF is going to look like front to back, and that is really exciting. By the time FS wraps, we should be able to creative a complete asset list for TF and transition seamlessly between the two projects. All-Maker has a few tiny assets to go back and create for First Snow after we finalize a few other things, but the time required for those should be minimal and he should be back working on TF full-time after that.

Until next time!


July 29, 2018

Thanks for the update, I was starting to get worried after almost half a year of radio silence.
Congratulations on all the progress you've made so far, I'm glad to see you guys are still working hard on this project. Good luck and keep up the good work, I know it's going to be worth the wait.

August 17, 2018

bring me paper trail or bring me death

August 27, 2018

Always nice to see updates.

kev October 20, 2018

good to hear

the roadmap and outline are the hardest and most important part in lots of ways, i'm glad all the issues were sorted out

here's to a long awaited TwoFold release!

Croc December 20, 2018