Unfolding Big News

Feb 29

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been so long, both here as well as on Twitter. Things have just been extraordinarily busy and we’ve been working away until we could finalize some exciting developments with you all! While things are still definitely busy though, we do have something to say finally, and we hope it’ll make up for the silence:

Beta Testing Begins

We’re finally here in the home stretch! We’ve started an internal beta (taking note of what we have yet to implement, throwing in a couple mandatory things that are on the cusp of completion, documenting known issues, etc) and will be sending downloads out to some external people in the coming days.

We still have a few things that need doing (coloring cgs for example, in the beta a lot of them are just the lineart) and filling in some placeholders, but the VN as a whole is fully directed and readable from front to back. We’ll be taking the beta period to wrap up those loose ends as well as implement feedback we get. We’re almost there, please just wait warmly a little longer!

Believe it or not, that’s not all! We are VERY EXCITED to announce that First Snow will be published by Studio Élan’s new Bellhouse publishing wing! Their work on projects like Highway Blossoms and Heart of the Woods is some next level stuff and the Élan devs have been great friends for a long time, so we’re extremely happy to have some help from them to push FS out the door.

Don’t worry though, First Snow still is and will be a free visual novel. This includes the (drumroll) Steam release! More details (including the actual Steam page) will be doled out as we get closer to release, so please keep checking up on our Twitter so you can stay in the know on stuff like that.

Bellhouse logo

Oh yeah, one more thing: we’ve been pretty careful about announcing characters, and up til today hadn’t even confirmed Caprice was going to show up. Well, act surprised, cuz here she is! On top of the preview in the above image, here’s a sprite sample. Like Allison, her hair is a little different from her Twofold design.

Caprice sprite 1 Caprice sprite 2

Okay, THAT’S everything we have for you for now. See you again real soon.

UPDATE: The Steam page is now live, CLICK HERE to check it out!


February 29, 2020


February 29, 2020

Oh shit, it's happening.

As a random anon who has been following you for years but is not a part of your discord I was worried the project is dead for real this time, but once again you pleasantly surprised me.

Good luck in the home stretch, I can't wait to play the finished product. Keep up the great work!

February 29, 2020

Steam! Steam! Steam!

February 29, 2020

Also that Caprice is hella cute

Kenji March 10, 2020

You fucking sold out. You bunch of goddamn chumps.

Kenji March 10, 2020

Do these have to be mod-approved? You absolute pussies. You've completely normalized. I don't think any of you have any idea what Twofold was supposed to be.

March 11, 2020

>do these have to be mod-approved
Sasuga retarded tripfag.

March 12, 2020

>sold out
>still releasing for free
Really makes you think

March 12, 2020

>what Twofold was supposed to be
>implying Twofold is and was ever salty tears
Fuck off shitpost-kun