Letting Our Voices be Heard


Hi! We just dropped the trailer for First Snow’s upcoming voice acting update, which you can check here!

For those without video access or just want an easily digestible cast list, we have that for you too!

  • Allison: Elizabeth Quedenfeld
  • Eileen: Kira Buckland
  • Rose: Nola Klop
  • Caprice: Lisa Reimold
  • Millie: Jill Harris
  • Hayley: Elissa Park
  • Wallace: Steven Kelly
  • Eve: Aimee Smith
  • Andrew: Bradley Gareth
  • Elizabeth: Abigail Turner

First Snow is partially voice acted, which means that most of the time characters will usually only chime in with specific phrases or expressions. However, CGs as well as select lines significant to the story are fully voiced!

To better accommodate the new voice acting, we’re making a couple tweaks to other areas of the game, which we want to detail now.

  1. The individual volume sliders in the options menu will be available from the start. When First Snow originally launched, we wanted to keep the post-credits scene a total secret, so that page in our general options was hidden until once the scene was accessible. Since voice acting is a baseline feature now, we’re opening that menu from the get-go and adding all of the characters to it. Naturally, they’ve all been given unique sound test dialogue as well, so please check that out when you can!
  2. We’re making a tiny addition to how names are displayed in First Snow: When a character is speaking using a voice line, this little icon will appear next to their names. We thought this was necessary for Allison specifically since she lacks a screen presence most of the time, but we decided to add it for everyone for consistency as well as accessibility.

We hope you’re excited for the patch! It’s worth noting that this update will mess with the existing saves, so please plan accordingly. As always, we heavily encourage you to follow us on Twitter for more up-to-date smaller announcements, as well as occasional things like screenshots and other previews.

Until next time!