Re-revealing Twofold

Mar 27

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time coming, but today’s the day we finally “re-reveal” Twofold to the world. Some of this information has been shown on our Twitter already, but please let us throw everything here again so we can talk things through thoroughly!

A New Protagonist

First Snow was the story of Allison Merlo and her budding relationship with Eileen Turner. In Twofold, you’ll be reading through the perspective of a brand new character not seen in First Snow: Olive Penn.

Introducing Olive, our new protagonist

Olive is a student struggling to keep their grades afloat as they attempt to juggle both their school and work lives. In an attempt to salvage their GPA, Olive seeks aid from either an on-campus writing or art club. For those who have followed Twofold prior to First Snow’s announcement, you’ll recognize that the character is different to the protagonist we had established previously. We hope you’ll react warmly to Olive!

New and Returning Characters

In Twofold, Caprice and Millie will serve larger roles than they had in First Snow, acting as the primary foils for Olive. Hayley will serve a substantial role in the story as well, acting as a bridge between Olive and Caprice/Millie. Other familiar faces will be present, including the entirety of the art club.

On top of that, you can be expected to be introduced to the writing club proper, who have a very different dynamic than the art club and we hope people find interesting. More characters will be featured in the story, but our focus for now is on the clubs.


While First Snow was entirely a linear experience, we’ll be adding choices In Twofold. We don’t plan to have multiple endings—both Caprice and Millie have only one beginning and end each—but our choices will rather put an emphasis on building friendships with the various club members. Hanging out with certain club members will allow you to advance their own personal storylines and get insight on their perspectives about their respective club leaders and the conflict the two have found themselves in. Whether you’re interested in a new writing club member or just want to catch up with Allison, there should be a few reasons to go back and re-read Twofold.

A Step Forward

When First Snow was originally pitched, it was more or less designed to be an expansion pack for Twofold, using assets that would then be directly ported into Twofold. After First Snow wrapped however, a common sentiment the team felt is that we wanted Twofold to feel more like a sequel than a direct continuation, so we’re making a few upgrades to hopefully help Twofold feel like a fresh experience.

First, the VN will now be displayed in 2560x1440 with varying options to scale! First Snow was built on a very old foundation and bumping the resolution up was an immediate priority. Our sprites were already drawn larger than what you saw in First Snow, so porting those over isn’t proving to be difficult. We also have systems in place for the backgrounds, so we’re confident we’ll be able to handle this successfully.

Another large visual change we’ll be making is with the textbox. There’s actually a LOT to say about the new Twofold iteration, enough to fill up a second blog post. So… expect a second blog post in a couple days. For now though, here’s a baseline screenshot.

Our refreshed UI

An Expanded OST

This seems obvious, but naturally Twofold will include new songs. It’ll also be re-using a lot of tracks from First Snow though, and as such we’ve done a tiny bit of rebranding: the First Snow OST is now labeled “Sounds of Winter” whereas the new tracklist from Twofold will be called “Sounds of Autumn” and together they’ll form one unified OST for both games.

Voice Acting

Following in the footsteps of the post-credits scene in First Snow, we’ve been working with Studio Coattails to prepare voice acting for Twofold. Like the planned VA patch for First Snow, Twofold will be using partial voice acting for moments that are directed using sprites (re-usable phrases and the like) while CGs are aimed to be fully voiced. Plans are always subject to change, but this is our current goal right now!

Week One

Our current development priority is the creation of a demo, which features the first seven days of Twofold as Olive gets acquainted with the two clubs. To set expectations, this should be about as long as an act from First Snow.

The Website Is Live!

After a bit of a wait, the website is now live. You’ll find some new art, character bios, and even a new music track!

On top of that, we’ve thrown in a few desktop wallpapers featuring the character patterns from the new UI. We’ll be periodically updating the website with screenshots and the like, so keep an eye out!


sym March 28, 2021

ty for the tweet am looking forward

March 28, 2021


March 28, 2021

Very exciting news, I'm looking forward to the demo. Also, maybe my yuri goggles are too tight after First Snow, but Oliver changing into Olive makes me hopeful for some sweet yuri romance along the way

Thomby March 29, 2021

It's been 10,000 years...

But First Snow was well worth the wait, and I have no doubt that Twofold will be, as well.

Subliminal March 30, 2021

Looks veryyyyyy spicy, can't wait!

August 15, 2021

Just read the first snow and I was really impressed by how relatable and down to earth the story was! Hope to see the same out of twofold as well!

Homer November 13, 2021

Looking forward to it <3

Homer November 13, 2021

Looking forward to it <3

Homer November 13, 2021

Looking forward to it

Wow January 31, 2022

Almost 10 years, holy crap.

ZAP September 27, 2022

ZAP April 07, 2023