Any releases of Work in Progress as a whole will be licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. Individual components of Work in Progress releases should be treated as such:

In addition to these licenses, we would like to make the following specific waivers to further define the wishes of our developers:

Art: The artwork (Sprites, CGs and background art) of Work in Progress is non-derivative and forbidden to be used in any works other than Work in Progress. However, fan-made artwork of characters is allowed, but has to released as-is for the enjoyment of others and not as part of another project or compound work, except as set forth in the waiver below.

Music: It is allowed to make direct remixes, sampling or remakes (further referred to as “derivative music”) of Work in Progress’ soundtrack, under the following conditions or the conditions in the waiver below.

  • Derivative music will not be released in other collaborative works, such as but not limited to: video games, visual novels, or other projects of any scope or scale.
  • Derivative music may be released as-is and as standalone songs (or albums) for the enjoyment of others.

We would not like to impair your ability to modify Work in Progress itself to suit your individual needs or tastes. That is why we add the following waiver for both the entirety of a release and the individual components listed previously (from here on labeled “assets”):

Derivation Waiver

Any person(s) (further referred to as “end-user”) who wishes to modify and redistribute modifications of the assets involved in Work in Progress (further referred to as “derivative work”) are allowed to, providing they abide by the following conditions:

  • No credit is claimed or implied by the end-user for assets made by those other than themselves. Note: Modifying any asset does not change who the original creator is. In order to assert that an asset is the end-user’s, they must create it themselves. Additionally, creating an asset in the exact likeness of another does not entitle you to claim said asset as your own. Plagiarizing any pre-existing assets will not change ownership of said asset.
  • Any derivative work must be transparent about the fact that it is a derivative work of Work in Progress and not claim to be anything else.
  • All of of Work in Progress’ original assets (modified or unmodified) will maintain their licenses and clauses when redistributed in a derivative work.
  • Both the derivative work and all the assets themselves should follow the terms both set forth in the Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license, this additional waiver, and be licensed under the aforementioned license WITH this waiver.